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Cemos and Coral voice It was founded in 1992, long before Gili Trawangan was widely known as it is now. Our existence as a provider of snorkeling trips to the three Gilis and Lombok tourist tours has helped many tourists to explore the beauty of the island of Lombok, especially the three Gilis.

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Now we are still consistently providing the best service for tourists.

The very strategic position of our office, which is located right in front of the fast-boat pier and also as the center of the crowd on Gili Trawangan, makes it easy for guests to find us. besides snorkeling trips, we also provide money change services, fast-boat ticket agents, Lombok tour packages, and many more.

Vision and mission


  1. Provide the best service to every visitor who comes to Gili Trawangan, contributing significantly to the tourism development of the three Gili Islands.

  2. Offer comprehensive, accurate, and timely information to tourists, enabling them to fully enjoy the beauty of this island.

  3. Provide the most advanced and complete facilities for every activity we offer, ensuring a positive and memorable experience for our visitors.

  4. Preserve the natural beauty of Gili Trawangan, especially the underwater biodiversity of the three Gili Islands, through our marine conservation program.


  1. Become one of the best snorkeling service providers in Gili and Lombok by expanding our network and increasing our fleet in the best snorkeling locations.

  2. Play an active role in all aspects of tourism that contribute to the development of tourism in Gili Trawangan, particularly the three Gili Islands and Lombok in general.

  3. Always prioritize visitor satisfaction above all else, aiming to set the standard for all businesses in Gili Trawangan in providing the same level of satisfaction to tourists.

Ellipse 23 Cemos and Coral Voice

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