Pink Beach Tour

Pink Beach Tour offers you private tour packages and open trips departing every Thursday and Sunday.

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Pink Beach tour offers open trips departing every Thursday and Sunday. Additionally, we also provide options for those who wish to embark on a private tour. Explore the beauty of this renowned beach, known for its unique and exquisite pink sand, which is a natural result of the blending of red algae and white sand along the shore. The beach presents captivating views of the blue sea and beautiful coral reefs, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Together with Cemos and Coral Voice, we organize shared open trips departing from Gili Trawangan every Sunday. This adventure isn’t just about visiting picturesque beaches; visitors will be treated to sights of small surrounding islands, opportunities for swimming and snorkeling, and the pleasure of a delightful lunch.

During this trip, we provide all necessities, including:

  • Transport from the Bangsal harbor to Tanjung Luar harbor.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • A GoPro for documentation.
  • Lunch arrangements.

As a result, participants no longer need to worry about their requirements while joining our tour. All you need to do is book your tickets at our official office in Gili Trawangan or through our website.

1. Pink Beach Tour Itinerary

Pick-up will be arranged between 8-9 am, and we can pick you up from various areas across Lombok. For those of you located on the Gili Islands, we will pick you up at the Bangsal harbor. For those of you located on Gili Trawangan, you can come to our office there. We will facilitate a boat for you, but please note that there may be an additional cost associated with this service.

From Gili Trawangan, participants will be guided by our tour guide to Bangsal Harbor using a public boat, and the tour commences from Bangsal Harbor. We will then proceed using private vehicles to Tanjung Luar (the harbor in East Lombok where our boat is anchored). Upon arrival at Tanjung Luar, you will be greeted by the boat crew of Cemos and Coral Voice. You will select your snorkeling gear and prepare to head towards Gili Pasir.

The first spot we will visit this time is Gili Pasir. At Gili Pasir, we will come across numerous starfish scattered around due to the current bringing them from the sea. For your information, Gili Pasir is a small island in the middle of the sea that emerges during low tide and submerges during high tide. If visiting Gili Pasir in the morning is not feasible due to high tide, we will explore it at the end of the trip in the afternoon.

At Gili Petelu, we will encounter a variety of beautiful ornamental fish while snorkeling. You can bring bread to feed them and interact with them. After Gili Petelu, we will move to Gili Gambir. Here, we will be treated to a stunning coral reef view, which serves as a habitat for marine life such as clownfish, starfish, and even baby sharks (not the kind that poses a threat to humans). We will then continue with snorkeling at Gili Semangkok, where the crystal-clear, light blue waters enable you to enjoy the underwater scenery even without snorkeling.

At Tangsi Beach, you will be amazed by the beauty of the pink sandy beach. Additionally, you can engage in soft trekking on the hills nearby. Well-maintained pathways on the hills will greatly assist you in ascending them. Following this, we will take a lunch break at a beachside eatery there before we proceed to Segui Beach (Pink Beach 2).

After leaving Tangsi Beach, we will move on to Pink Beach 2 and 3. At both of these beaches, we will once again be treated to the sight of soft and pristine pink sandy shores. Similar to Pink Beach 1, Pink Beach 2 and 3 are also surrounded by hills. However, the difference lies in the fact that these hills are not easily climbable here, as they are steep and somewhat hazardous.

We will spend time until the evening, during which you can swim, sunbathe on the beach, and relish the unparalleled beauty of Lombok’s nature. For your information, despite the enchanting beauty of Pink Beaches 1, 2, and 3, only a few choose to come here for a vacation. Aside from the absence of public transportation, the beaches in East Lombok still lack essential facilities such as public toilets, restaurants, hotels, and well-maintained roads.

Nevertheless, these shortcomings cannot overshadow the captivating allure of Pink Beach Lombok.

After visiting Telone Beach as the conclusion of the trip, we will return to Tanjung Luar, and we will drop you off at your next destination within the Lombok area. For those heading back to Gili Trawangan, we will facilitate a private speed boat for the participants.

The price for the Pink Beach Open Trip is only IDR 900,000 per perso

NOTE: The Pink Beach tour for the open trip will be conducted with a group of 4 participants.

Prices Included

Prices Excluded

PRIVATE Pink Beach Tour

In addition to the Open Trip, we also offer private tour packages for Pink Beach. There are many advantages to choosing a private tour package for Pink Beach over an open trip. Here are some of the benefits of selecting a private tour when visiting Pink Beach in Lombok:

  1. Customized Itinerary: With a Private Tour, you have the flexibility to create a personalized itinerary based on your preferences and interests. You can choose activities, duration, and the pace of your tour, allowing for a more tailored and enjoyable experience at Pink Beach.

  2. Departure Anytime as per Request: Unlike open trips that have specific departure days, such as Sundays and Thursdays, a private Pink Beach tour can be scheduled according to your holiday plans.

  3. Privacy and Comfort: Private Tours offer exclusivity and privacy, as you won’t be sharing the tour with strangers. You can enjoy the beach at your own pace without crowds, and have more space and comfort to relax and appreciate the beautiful scenery at Pink Beach.

  4. Personalized Attention: Private Tours usually come with dedicated guides who can provide personalized attention, answer your questions, and share insights about the destination. This allows for a more interactive and informative experience, learning about the unique features of Pink Beach and its surroundings.

  5. Flexibility and Convenience: Private Tours offer greater flexibility in terms of timing and logistics. You can choose pick-up and drop-off locations according to your preference and have the freedom to adjust the schedule to your needs. This can be particularly convenient if you have specific requirements or preferences for your Pink Beach visit.

  6. Better Photo Opportunities: With a private tour, you have more time and opportunities for taking photos, capturing perfect shots of the stunning pink sands and turquoise waters at Pink Beach without rushing or interruptions.

Overall, a private tour to Pink Beach provides a more personalized, convenient, and comfortable experience, tailored to your preferences and ensuring you make the most of your visit to this unique destination.

Private Pink Beach Tour Prices

2 Pax: 1.050.000/Pax

4 Pax: 900.000/Pax

6 Pax: 750.000/Pax

8 Pax: 550.000/Pax

10 Pax:400.000/Pax

  • For booking Pink Beach tours with more than 10 participants, please contact us to get attractive offers from us.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, depending on the situation and conditions at the time of your trip booking. Prices usually increase during holiday seasons. Please contact us for more information.
  • Preparations you should bring for the trip include swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, medications, and other personal necessities.
  • Always follow the instructions of your tour guide to ensure a safe and memorable tour experience.

3. Interesting Facts about Pink Beach 1, 2, and 3 in East Lombok.

Lombok Island indeed, renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty, Lombok offers a myriad of attractions, one of which is the Pink Beach, known for its pink-hued sands. The pink or rosy hue of the beach sand is a result of the abundant red coral reefs that gradually disintegrate due to the ocean waves. These red coral fragments mix with the white sand, forming the distinctive pink sand when washed ashore. Here are some interesting facts about the Pink Beaches:

Three Pink Beaches in Lombok There are three Pink Beaches in Lombok, all located in East Lombok precisely in the village of Sekaroh, Jerowaru sub-district, East Lombok regency. Below, we’ll highlight some intriguing facts about these Pink Beaches in East Lombok.

Not Always Pink The sands of these three Pink Beaches aren’t always pink; at times, they can appear white, similar to other beaches. The color gradation depends on the waves that carry the red sand to the shore. During larger waves, typically in the morning, you might witness the pink hue. However, when the waters are calm, you might see white sands.

Perfect Sunset Viewing Spot Particularly at Pink Beach Lombok 1, you can relish a perfect sunset view. The unique hill formations along the coast create an exotic backdrop, making Tangsi Beach an ideal spot to witness the sun’s descent.

Access via Land and Sea If you opt for a land route, visiting all three Pink Beaches in a day might not be feasible due to the considerable distance and road conditions. If you’re coming from Mataram or Lombok Airport, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach one of the Pink Beaches. To explore all three beaches in one journey, the sea route is recommended. You can take a boat from Tanjung Luar and Telong Elong as crossing points. The sea route also allows you to explore nearby small islands, such as Sand Island, snorkel at Gili Petelu, Gili Gambir, and Gili Semangkok.

Cemos and Coral Voice: Your Solution Cemos and Coral Voice provide a solution for visiting all three Pink Beaches while snorkeling at various snorkeling spots in the area. You can witness numerous starfish on Sand Island, snorkel and feed beautiful fish, or even encounter friendly baby sharks at Gili Gambir. All of this can be experienced in a single Snorkeling and Pink Beach Exploration vacation package with Cemos and Coral Voice.


4. Get To Know Pink Beach 1, 2, and 3

Tangsi Beach (Pink Beach 1)

Tangsi Beach, better known as Pink Beach Lombok 1, is situated in the southeastern part of Lombok. Despite being the farthest beach among others, the beauty of this beach, enveloped by verdant hills on both sides, makes it a dream destination for anyone. These hills are equipped with pathways, making it convenient for tourists to ascend and capture selfies. Moreover, these hills serve as an excellent spot for witnessing breathtaking sunsets.

Tangsi Beach also provides dining options for visitors who come here. Most of the menu offerings consist of seafood and other local dishes typical of Lombok.

pantai tangsi

Segui Beach (Pink Beach 2)

Pink Beach 2, also known as Segui Beach, offers the charm of soft and pristine pink sandy shores. This beach, accessible by both land and sea routes, might not be as vast as Tangsi Beach, yet its allure lies in the gentle pink sands and calm waves, making it an appealing destination.

You can also relish the underwater beauty by snorkeling at Pink Beach Lombok. Coral reefs and exquisite fish can be spotted here. The only setback for those wishing to visit Segui Beach is the poor road access. However, fret not, as you can access this beach by taking a boat from Tanjung Luar or Telong-elong.

pantai ssegui

Telone Beach (Pink Beach 3)

Similar to the previous two beaches, Telone Beach also boasts the characteristic feature of soft, pink-colored sand.

Telone Beach is the closest beach to Tanjung Luar and Marengke Island. Tanjung Luar serves as Lombok’s largest fish market and a port for crossing to Pink Beaches 1, 2, and 3. Meanwhile, Marengke Island is inhabited and situated in the middle of the East Lombok sea. It’s not surprising that sometimes on Telone Beach, we come across various debris like glass shards, bottles, and other trash carried by currents, possibly originating from Tanjung Luar. Nevertheless, the beach remains one of the most picturesque beaches in Lombok.

Pantai Telone


Reservation and Payment:

  • a. Participants must make advance reservations to join the Pink Beach Open Trip with Cemos and Coral Voice.
  • b. A deposit of 50% of the total trip cost is required to confirm the reservation. The remaining payment must be settled no later than 7 days before the departure date.
  • c. Payments can be made through bank transfer or other payment methods specified by Cemos and Coral Voice.
  • d. Reservations are not confirmed until the deposit is received by Cemos and Coral Voice.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • a. Participants wishing to cancel a reservation must inform Cemos and Coral Voice in writing.
  • b. If the cancellation is made more than 3 days before the departure date, a refund of 50% of the total trip cost (excluding the deposit) will be provided.
  • c. If the cancellation is made less than 3 days before the departure date, there will be no refund.
  • d. Cemos and Coral Voice reserve the right to cancel a trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, natural disasters, or other reasons beyond their control. In such cases, a full refund of the trip cost (including the deposit) will be provided.

Participant Requirements:

  • a. Participants must be in good health and sufficient physical condition to join the Pink Beach Open Trip.
  • b. Participants must comply with all instructions provided by the trip leader and follow the itinerary.
  • c. Participants are responsible for their personal belongings and equipment during the trip. Cemos and Coral Voice are not liable for loss or damage to personal belongings.


  • a. Participants join the Pink Beach Open Trip at their own risk. Cemos and Coral Voice are not liable for injuries, losses, or damages to participants, their belongings, or third parties during the trip.
  • b. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance that covers adventure activities, including snorkeling and beach activities.
  • c. Participants must adhere to local regulations and laws, including marine conservation rules, during the trip.


  • a. Any changes to the travel plans, including but not limited to changes due to weather conditions, safety reasons, or other factors, are at the discretion of Cemos and Coral Voice.
  • b. Participants must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the booking process, including emergency contact details.
  • c. Cemos and Coral Voice have the right to use photos or videos taken during the trip for promotional purposes.

Need assistance? Contact us via WhatsApp.

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